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    The Viking based in London

    Based on techniques developed during my years of experience as a professional athlete, competing in Strongman tournaments, it's not your every day training.



    - Powerlifting methods adapted to suit everyone. Starting with the basics, squat, bench press and deadlift, I will increase your core strength.



    - Weightlifting training that increases your speed. Using clean and jerk, snatch, power cleans and power snatch routines to give you explosive strength.


    - Strongman technique. Unique to Strongman based training, farmer's walk, log press and loading programmes result in agility and brute strength. 


    Are you ready to train hard, bulk up and get strong and fit? Contact me and I'll start working on your daily routine to get you in Viking shape.

  • WHO I AM

    Jón Valgeir Williams

    Viking Warrior Creator.

    I´m an experienced athlete and a qualified personal trainer willing to give out my secrets to those ready to put in great effort for great results. I was in Strongman competitions for 10 years, trained for powerlifting, weightlifting, shot put, crossfit, speed rowing and basketball. I was discovered by strongman promoter Hjalti Árnason, I then started training with four times World's Strongest Man Magnus Ver Magnusson and eventually went on to represent my country in two World's Strongest Man competitions.


    With my wide, in-depth knowledge of all aspects of health and strength training along side my authoritative insight of current sport trends, we will work at creating the ultimate plan for you.

    We will create a unique program adapted to your weight, strength and fitness goals, designed to motivate and inspire you.

    Programs range from 1 to 6 days a week and include a reminder service and nutritional advice.




    We will set up a meeting on Skype and discuss your goal, exercises, training conditions and nutritional advice (you can send me an email with the information as well).






    Then I will set up a month plan based on your information and your goals. All this for only 60 pounds or 75 euros.


    So join today and become a Viking.

  • Viking Jakub Drabik

    Jon’s professionalism and experience are evident from the first session. He does his due diligence and tailors the program specifically towards your needs. Whether you are just starting at the gym or you are an experience lifter, Jon will help you break plateaus and teach you how to perform each exercise safely. Either way you will be stronger in no time. Jon cares for his clients. He enjoys and takes pride in your progress. He will push you, motivate you and most importantly take the time to connect with you. I have witness this first-hand. After training with Jon for two months, my bench press went from 110 to 140 kilograms, my squat from 120 to 170 kilograms, and finally my deadlift from 140 to 180 kilograms. I was also able to win my very first strongman competition. With his strongman background, Jon will make training versatile and fun. You will not be doing standard, boring YouTube exercises. Even if your goal is not to compete, you will surely enjoy the variety in the training. To me, Jon is not just a great personal trainer, he is also a great friend.




    I started training Daníel in 2001. He had an accident at the age of nine when he was run over by a car, almost losing his leg. When he was 15 we started going to the gym together and I showed him the ropes. It was hard at first but together we discovered his inner Viking. He went on to win gold in Deadlift and Overall, silver in benchpress and squat at the Special Olympics and took part in the World's Strongest Disabled Man competition 7 times. It's Amazing what you can achieve with the right motivation.



    I've been meeting Jon regularly now for two months and am so happy with it that I will definitely continue the sessions. I´ve been really pleased with the program we've been using and am loving exercising again after a one and a half year break. Jon has made me realise that that diet plays a huge role in what I am able to achieve physically and is key to motivating myself to do better. Jon encourages me to push myself, I am lifting heavier weights than before and the stiff muscles in my shoulders, arms and back have decreased thanks to our training. Jon is motivating, positive and generally great fun to be around!



    I have trained with Jón Valgeir Williams for 14 years. He has helped me to get healthier, stronger and made fitness a part of my lifestyle. I'm very happy with his methods and how he creates exercises to suit my needs. I find Jón to be motivating, understanding and excellent at helping me acheive my goals. Thank you for all these years.



    I started training with Jon in June with the goal of trying to increase my overall compound lifts, especially focusing on the bench press. From the first time I met Jon I found him to be very friendly and knowledgeable. He would always listen and would tailor the program in order to achieve my overall goals. Before I met Jon I thought I had a good understanding of performing the compound lifts however after training with him, I realised there were so many little techniques that could be applied in order to help with the lifts. This showed me how advanced he was when it came to personal training.

    One of my goals was to be able to increase my bench press to 120 kg. Before meeting Jon I was struggling to push 100 kg however after he designed a plan for me that focused on maximising my bench press I achieved a 120 kg bench press by the end of August. Jon’s training is not only smart but highly effective when it comes to maximising results.

    Jon was not only inspirational when it came to working out, but outside the gym he showed what a great trainer he was. He communicated often and would check in to see how I was the day after a session as well as sending useful information through that was interesting to read. His knowledge extends far beyond pushing weights to include nutrition, identifying muscle weakness and imbalances, and motivation. Jon will not only change your physique but also your mental attitude towards the gym and general well being. By contacting Jon he will help change your life for the better. Thanks Jon!!



    Jon has trained me for around 6 weeks. I was getting bored of my usual routine, and wanted to focus more on Olympic and Power Lifting to increase my strength. Jon tweaked my technique and gave me great tips to improve my form in all the big lifts. I even managed new personal best´s in a few of them! He also pulled a new training program together for me, which is based around my goals. I've enjoyed having Jon as a trainer, and would definitely recommend him for improving your strength, power and technique. Thank you Jon!



    When I begun training with Jon I had completely fallen out of love with the gym! I was bored of the same routines and felt I wasn't getting anywhere. I lacked confidence in weight training and was on the verge of loosing hope with my exercise regime. Jon's training will be tailor made to what you want and he is extremely knowledgable in the science behind training as well as the nutrition- but he is also realistic! Now,I feel confident on the squat rack and doing deadlifts--I never thought I would see the day! Bring out your inner Viking and train with Jon!!!


    Matt Buxton Smith

    When I came to Jon I had my goals in sport and targets that I needed to hit. He immediately started forming a plan to work with to reach these weight and strength targets using his immense pool of experience and knowledge. Not only did I enjoy all my sessions with Jon but the results I saw were excellent. Jon's expertise in powerlifting and strongman meant I learnt a huge amount of new stuff that I had never done before and so accessed a whole new type of training with him. Jon certainly brings more intensity to every session than you could hope for and helps you to demolish the work. Looking forward to training with him again.



    The Power of Vikings.


    Here are some videos from my competions.

    Three man Log Lift in Wasaga Beach Canada

    Four man Boat Carry in Wasaga Beach Canada

    Super Sets with Patrick.

    Decline DB  Bench with Oern.


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    You're awesome. Lets work out and feel awsome too.




    Jón Valgeir Williams










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    Feel free to ask me for advice and I will get back to you!


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